Today in Labor History: August 1; Labor Humor

Today in Labor History: August 12013.07.29—history-hilo-massacre
Police in Hilo, Hawaii, open fire on 200 demonstrators supporting striking waterfront workers. The attack became known as “the Hilo Massacre” – 1938
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Labor Humor: A Lack of Experience
A corporate manager decides he needs a break so he goes to a farm to get away from it all, but gets bored after a couple of days and asks the farmer for a task.
“Well,” the farmer says, “you could shovel the cow shit out of the barn.”  The businessman hops to it and the job’s done by nightfall.  The farmer is in awe.
The next day, the businessman asks for another task.  The farmer asks could he separate a few bushels of potatoes into large and small sizes?  Unlike the prior day, though, the end of the day sees that the manager’s gotten absolutely nowhere.  “Yesterday’s job was much harder,” the farmer says.  “What’s the problem?”
“It’s a question of experience,” the manager says.  Click here for the punchline.
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