Today in Labor History: Weekend Edition; Labor Video

2013.10.07—history-olaa-sugar-strikeToday in Labor History: Weekend Edition
October 11—Nearly 1,500 plantation workers strike Olaa Sugar, on Hawaii’s Big Island – 1948
October 12—Company guards kill at least eight miners who are attempting to stop scabs, Virden, Ill. Six guards are also killed, and 30 persons wounded – 1898
October 13—More than 1,100 office workers strike Columbia University in New York City. The mostly female and minority workers win union recognition and pay increases – 19852013.10.07—history-unions-for-beginners
(Unions for Beginners: It is a time when unions have returned to the front pages of newspapers and blogs and demonstrators are in the streets of America every day. It is a time when the right wing has tried to strike the final blow against what remains of the right to collective bargaining. It is a time when millions of members of the middle class are falling through the cracks in a downward economic trend that parallels the decline of unions. It is this time when people are turning again to the history of unions. Unions for Beginners provides an introduction to that essential history.)
—Click here for the complete posting.

2013.10.07—video-inequalityLabor Video: Great New Theater Release
Trailer for a new movie, “Inequality for All,” in which Clinton administration Labor Secretary Robert Reich takes on the growing divide between the rich and the rest of us.  Click here to watch the trailer.

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