Today in Labor History: December 4; Member Tip

Today in Labor History: December 4
Cesar Chavez jailed for 20 days for refusing to end United Farm Workers’ grape boycott – 19702013.12.2—history-chavez-farmworkers
(Farmworker’s Friend: The story of Cesar Chavez: A thoughtful and moving book about the inspiring life of American hero Cesar Chavez, founder and long-time leader of the United Farm Workers of America. This sympathetic portrayal of Chavez and his life’s work begins with his childhood, starting from the time his family’s store in Arizona failed during the Great Depression and his entire family was forced into the fields to harvest vegetables for a few cents an hour.  Recommended by the publisher for grades 4 to 7, its straightforward narrative and dozens of photos help make this a wonderful book, and not just for young people.)
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Member Tip: Face-to-Face Negotiations
The collective bargaining process always includes face-to-face sessions, conducted in a fairly formal way.  Notes are taken, for example, so the 2013.12.2—membertip-face2faceparties will have a record of what was said if a dispute later comes up over what did or didn’t happen during the talks.  Depending on the type of union and the type and size of the bargaining unit, negotiations for the union will be handled either by a single spokesman or by individual bargaining teams, with each addressing a specific area of concern.  The bargainers present proposals and the facts, figures and arguments that justify them.  Since the other side has proposals of its own, the sessions also include asking questions about what they’re proposing and why, and debating the facts and arguments.
—Adapted from The Union Member’s Complete Guide, by Michael Mauer

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