Today in Labor History: December 5; Labor Humor

Today in Labor History: December 5
Unionists John T. and James B. McNamara are sentenced to 15 years and life, respectively, after confessing to dynamiting the Los Angeles 2013.12.2—history-l-a-times-bldgTimes building during a drive to unionize the metal trades in the city. They placed the bomb in an alley next to the building, set to detonate when they thought the building would be empty; it went off early, and an unanticipated gas explosion and fire did the real damage, killing twenty people. The newspaper was strongly conservative and anti-union – 1911
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Rain, Sleet, Snow and The Boss
The newly-appointed postmaster at a small station, convinced he knew more than the station 2013.12.2—humor-postmaster2clerk,  took it upon himself to be in charge of the nightly dispatch, wherein mail deposited at the station was moved on to the regional sorting and distribution center.  After a week, customers began coming in to complain to the clerk that bills they’d been mailing hadn’t been received, nor had birthday cards they’d been sending out.  Investigating, the clerk found out the mail had never even left the station.  Confronting the postmaster, she asked what was going on.  Explained the postmaster: “The bag wasn’t full yet.”
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