Today in Labor History: December 9; Cool Labor Site

Today in Labor History: December 9
Ratification of a new labor agreement at Titan Tire of Natchez, Miss., ends the longest strike in the history of the U.S. tire industry, which began May 1, 1998, at the company’s Des Moines, Iowa, plant – 20012013.12.9—history-union-strategies
(Union Strategies for Hard Times, Helping Your Members and Building Your Union, 2nd Edition: What can unions do as the economy and greedy employers ravage workers and their unions and threatens to destroy decades of collective bargaining gains? What must local union leaders do to help their laid-off members, protect those still working, and prevent the gutting of their hard-fought contracts—and their very unions themselves? How, in fact, can local union leaders seize the time and turn crisis into opportunity? Bill Barry, a 40-year veteran of the movement, calls on his long history of activism and years of “what works, what doesn’t” discussions with other leaders to come up with a plan to survive these terrible times and even use crisis to build a better future.)
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2013.12.9—website-steelworkersCool Labor Site: Sparrows Point Steelworkers
Over the span of a century steelworkers at Sparrows Point in Baltimore County Md. erected their own mighty civilization, spreading from the workplace into the families and communities around the huge mill, which at its peak employed 30,000.  This project tells the story of these steelworkers in a unique way: through oral history interviews, photographs and music.

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