Today in Labor History: Weekend Edition; Labor Video

Today in Labor History: Weekend Edition2013.12.9—history-machinists-strike
December 13—Death in San Antonio, Texas, of Samuel Gompers, president and founder of the American Federation of Labor – 1924
December 14—Some 33,000 striking members of the Machinists end a 69-day walkout at Boeing after winning pay and benefit increases and protections against subcontracting some of their work overseas – 1995
December 15—Eight days after the attack by Japan on Pearl Harbor, the AFL pledges that there will be no strikes in defense-related plants for the duration of World War II – 1941
—Click here for the complete posting.

2013.12.9—video-whiteboard-stillLabor Video: Unfairness, in Black and White
A very well-done “white board” video from the New York AFL-CIO dealing with the range of issues that add up to working people being dumped on (there’s a shocker!) while corporations and the wealthy cruise along just fine.  While it references issues in New York, the message is universal.  Click here to watch the video.

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