Today in Labor History: December 16; Cool Labor Site

Today in Labor History: December 16
The Bagel Bakers of America union is continuing a work slowdown at 32 of New York’s 34 bagel bakeries in a dispute over health and welfare fund payments and workplace sanitation, the New York Times reports.  Coincidentally—or not—lox sales were down 30 percent to 50 percent as well. The effect on the cream cheese market was not reported – 19512013.12.16—history-jokebook-cover
(Workplace Jokes: Only SOME of Them Will Get You Fired! Did you hear the one about the supervisor and the new employee who bump into each other in a bar? Maybe, but maybe not. In either case, you can find it and a couple hundred other great workplace jokes in this new collection, the only one of its kind. You won’t find working people as the butt of jokes here… it’s more likely to be the boss, the banker, the yes man and the union-busting lawyer.)
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2013.12.16—website-hightowerCool Labor Site: Jim Hightower
Official website for Jim Hightower, Texas populist, radio commentator, author and columnist, and a long-time thorn in the side of the greedy and powerful.

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