Today in Labor History: January 9; Labor Humor

Today in Labor History: January 92014.01.06—history-southern-tenant-farmers
Southern Tenant Farmers’ Union leads Missouri Highway sit-down of 1,700 families. They had been evicted from their homes so landowners wouldn’t have to share government crop subsidy payments with them – 1939
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Labor Humor: The Self-Sacrificing Steward
Having just read the latest book on how to manage your workforce, the thoroughly unloved 2014.01.06—humor-rock-climberboss orders his ten-member staff to participate with him on a rock climbing expedition as a teamwork-building exercise.
Soon thereafter the boss and his ten staffers find themselves 2,000 feet from the ground, hanging onto a fraying rope that, unfortunately, can only hold the weight of ten.  The boss asks for a volunteer to let go.  As the rope continues to fray, no one speaks up.  Finally, the union steward says she’ll let go.  She gives a passionate speech about how she’s doing it for the good of the company, how the company is the most important thing in life, and how the boss is so wonderful that he is worthy of her sacrifice, that she can’t imagine a nobler ending, that she will let go of the rope.
Overwhelmed, the boss breaks into applause.
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