Today in Labor History: January 16; Labor Humor

Today in Labor History: January 162014.01.13—history-palmer-raid
Thousands of Palmer Raids detainees win right to meet with lawyers and attorney representation at deportation hearings. “Palmer” was Alexander Mitchell Palmer, U.S. attorney general under Woodrow Wilson. Palmer believed Communism was “eating its way into the homes of the American workman,” and Socialists were causing most of the country’s social problems – 1920
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A Lesson for the Boss
A young woman had been on the job less than a month before her boss started  inviting her to dinner, 2014.01.13—humor-sex-harass“accidentally” brushing up against her at the Xerox machine, making inappropriate comments of all sorts…. pretty much just hitting on her nonstop.  She rejected every one of his moves and thought of reporting him to his superiors, but then chose a different tact.  She started coming in late and leaving early, taking long lunches, slowing her work down to what she thought a more reasonable pace.
The boss became outraged.  “Who said you could just goof off like this??!!”
She responded: “My lawyer.”
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