Today in Labor History: January 21

Today in Labor History: January 212014.01.20—history-steelworkers-strike
Some 750,000 steel workers walk out in 30 states, largest strike in U.S. history to that time – 1946

Postal workers begin four-day strike at the Jersey City, N.J., bulk and foreign mail center, protesting an involuntary shift change. The wildcat was led by a group of young workers who identified themselves as “The Outlaws”- 1974

Six hundred police attack picketing longshoremen in Charleston, S.C. – 2000
2014.01.20—history-global-waterfront(On the Global Waterfront: The Fight to Free the Charleston 5 tells the story of longshoremen in South Carolina who confronted attempts to wipe out their union, the state’s most powerful black organization, and rallied the nation and labor around the world in their successful fight.  It is a compelling narrative of a local struggle, a transformed union leader, and a newly-energized international worker movement.)
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