Today in Labor History: January 23; Labor Humor

Today in Labor History: January 232014.01.20—history-rochester-garment-workers-strike
Some 10,000 clothing workers strike in Rochester, N.Y., for the 8-hour day, a 10-percent wage increase, union recognition, and extra pay for overtime and holidays. Daily parades were held throughout the clothing district and there was at least one instance of mounted police charging the crowd of strikers and arresting 25 picketers. Six people were wounded over the course of the strike and one worker, 18-year-old Ida Breiman, was shot to death by a sweatshop contractor. The strike was called off in April after manufacturers agreed not to discriminate against workers for joining a union – 1913
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2014.01.20—humor-satanLabor Humor: Entering the Pearly Gates
Noticing a mistake in St. Peter’s roster, God calls Satan; “It seems you accidentally received some of my people down there: a teacher, a nurse and a farmer.”
“Yeah,” Satan replies. “All the more for me!”
God replies, “You better send them up here immediately.”
Satan says, “No way. I’m keeping them.”
God says, “Send them up here, or I’ll sue the horns right off you.”
Satan laughs uproariously, “Yeah, right… and just where are YOU going to get a lawyer?”
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