Today in Labor History: April 3; Labor Humor

Today in Labor History: April 32014.03.31—history-botto-house
Some 20,000 textile mill strikers in Paterson, N.J., gather on the green in front of the house of Pietro Botto, the socialist mayor of nearby Haledon, to receive encouragement by novelist Upton Sinclair, journalist John Reed and speakers from the Wobblies. Today, the Botto House is home to the American Labor Museum – 1913
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Wasted Effort
A union-buster had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. While there he had a near-death experience; 2014.03.31—humor-busseeing God, he asked “Is my time up?” God replied, “No, you’ve got 40 years, 2 months and 8 eight days to go.” Upon recovery, the union-buster decided to get a tummy-tuck, a face-lift, and hair implants so he’d look good for the next 40 years. After the last procedure was completed, the union-buster was making his way across the street and Slam! He was struck and killed by a bus. Arriving in front of God he angrily said, “You told me I had another 40 years! Why did you let me die now?” God replied, “I didn’t recognize you.”
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