Today in Labor History: May 1; Labor Humor

Today in Labor History: May 1
Mother Jones’ 100th birthday celebrated at the Burgess Farm in Adelphi, Md. She died six months later – 19302014.04.28—history-maspeaks-bookcover
(Mother Jones Speaks: Speeches and Writings: Admirers and students of Mother Jones will want this comprehensive collection of her speeches, letters, articles, interviews and testimony before Congressional committees.  In her own words, this brave and determined heroine to millions of workers, active from the end of the Civil War until shortly before her death in 1930, explains her life, her mission, her passion on behalf of working people.)
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Calm Down Carefully
A two-car accident involved a union business agent and a well-known union-busting attorney.  Both cars were totaled2014.04.28—humor-drunk2 but the drivers were unhurt.
While the union buster shrieked about his ruined Jaguar, the business agent said, “Calm down.  Here—this bottle of scotch I had in my car is unbroken.  Have a drink and calm down.”
The union buster grabs the bottle and takes a hefty swig before handing it back to the BA, who puts the cap back on the bottle.  “Aren’t you having any?” asked the lawyer.
The BA replied, “No. I think I’ll just wait for the police.”
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