Today in Labor History: May 8; Labor Humor

Today in Labor History: May 82014.05.05—history-construction-attack
About 200 construction workers in New York City attack a crowd of Vietnam war protesters four days after the Kent State killings. More than 70 people were injured, including four police officers. Peter Brennan, head of the New York building trades, was honored at the Nixon White House two weeks later, eventually named Secretary of Labor – 1970
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Labor Humor: Obama vs. O’Reilly
President Obama and right-wing television host Bill O’Reilly happened to be on stage together, before a huge crowd.
2014.05.05—humor-oreilly-slap    O’Reilly turned to the President and said, “With one little wave of my hand I can get every conservative in the crowd to applaud.”
The President says, “go ahead.” Sure enough, O’Reilly’s wave to the crowd causes an eruption of applause.
The President then turns to O’Reilly and says, “With one move of my hand, I can get every liberal in the crowd to not only applaud, but to cheer wildly and forever speak of this day with joyous acclamation.”
O’Reilly says, “I doubt it, but give it a try.”
And so the President slapped him!
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