Today in Labor History: Weekend Edition; Labor Video

Today in Labor History: Weekend Edition2014.05.05—history-pullman-strike
May 09—Four thousand garment workers, mostly Hispanic, strike for union recognition at the Farah Manufacturing Co. in El Paso, Texas – 1972
May 10—A federal bankruptcy judge permits United Airlines to legally abandon responsibility for pensions covering 120,000 employees – 2005
May 11—Nationwide railway strike begins at Pullman, Ill. Nearly 260,000 railroad workers ultimately joined the strike to protest wage cuts by the Pullman Palace Car Co. – 1894
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2014.05.05—video-reuther-brosLabor Video: Brothers On The Line
Brothers On The Line is a documentary feature exploring the lives and legacy of the Reuther brothers—Walter, Roy, and Victor—pioneering labor organizers and social justice statesmen, and their remarkable leadership of the United Auto Workers union.  The film follows the brothers from their rise as shop-floor organizers in 1930s Detroit to leaders in collective bargaining, civil rights, and international labor solidarity.  Click here  to view the trailer.

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