Today in Labor History: May 29; Labor Humor

Today in Labor History: May 292014.05.26—history-umwa-fund
A contract between the United Mine Workers and the U.S. government establishes one of the nation’s first union medical and pension plans, the multi-employer UMWA Welfare and Retirement Fund – 1946
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Labor Humor: Paper and Pens
The clerk complained to the manager that the office workers couldn’t do their jobs because there was no paper.  So the manager called the supervisor into his office and said, “We’re out of paper.  Go to the office supply store and buy a case of paper.  And if they have red pens, buy six.”
The supervisor returned a little while later with six cases of paper.  “Why did you buy six cases of paper?” The manager asked.
The supervisor replied, “They had red pens.”
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