Today in Labor History: July 3; Labor Humor

Today in Labor History: July 32014.06.30—history-c-p-gilman-small
Feminist and labor activist Charlotte Perkins Gilman born in Hartford, Conn. Her landmark study, “Women and Economics,” was radical: it called for the financial independence of women and urged a network of child care centers – 1860
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Labor Humor: Banker’s Suit
A banker decided to spend some of his Wall Street bonus on a new custom-made suit. He went to the finest tailor in town and got 2014.06.30—humor-suit2measured for a suit made of the finest fabrics available.

A week later, he went in for his first fitting and tried on the stunning-looking suit. As he was admiring himself in front of the mirror, however, turning this way and that, he reached down to slip his hands into the pockets and to his surprise found that there were no pockets. He mentioned this to the tailor who asked him, “Didn’t you tell me you were a banker?”

The man answered, “Yes, I did.”

Said the tailor: “Who ever heard of a banker with his hands in his own pockets?”
—From Workplace Jokes: Only SOME of Them Will Get You Fired!

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