Today in Labor History: July 7; Cool Labor Site

Today in Labor History: July 72014.07.07—history-coloring-bk
Mary Harris “Mother” Jones begins “The March of the Mill Children,” when, accompanied part of the way by children, she walked from Philadelphia to President Theodore Roosevelt’s home on Long Island to protest the plight of child laborers. One of her demands: reduce the children’s work week to 55 hours – 1903
(Our Community of Workers Coloring Book: Children shouldn’t be working—they should be playing with crayons and coloring books!  This particular coloring book is about moms and dads at work—in offices, on construction sites, in factories and warehouses, at the Post Office and the hospital and on and on.)
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2014.07.07—website-robot-reportCool Labor Site: The Robot Report
Is a robot out after your job?  Robot makers likely are.  Check out this map from The Robot Report, a company that “tracks the business of robotics.”  More than 1,000 companies around the world are in the industry, several hundred of them in North America.

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