Today in Labor History: September 18; Labor Humor

Today in Labor History: September 182014.09.15—history-usps-morris-curseen
One week after the September 11, 2001, attacks, anthrax spores are mailed by an unknown party to several news media offices and two U.S. senators. Five people exposed to the spores died, including two workers at Washington, D.C.’s USPS Brentwood facility: Thomas Morris Jr. and Joseph Curseen, who were to die of their exposure within the month – 2001
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Labor Humor: With Apologies
The union rep and the department supervisor were having a heated exchange about an order the supervisor had given a worker.

2014.09.15—humor-argument“Honestly,” the union rep shouted, “You are so stupid,” and he marched off.

The supervisor went to the plant manager to complain that the rep had called him stupid.  “I expect a full apology!” insisted the supervisor.

So the plant manager called the union rep into a meeting with the supervisor and told the rep that he needed to apologize.  The rep said to the supervisor, “I’m sorry that I hurt your feelings when I said you were stupid. I honestly thought you already knew.”
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