Today in Labor History: November 6; Labor Humor

Today in Labor History: November 62014.11.03—history-pottier4
French transport worker and socialist Eugene Pottier dies in Paris at age 71. In 1871 he authored “L’Internationale,” the anthem to international labor solidarity, the first verse of which begins: “Stand up, damned of the Earth; Stand up, prisoners of starvation” – 1887
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Labor Humor: Self-evaluation
It was an office full of professionals and, as frequently happens in such jobs, the supervisor asks his white collar deputy to draft up a performance evaluation on himself. He wanted the deputy to cite three areas where he believes he did a good job over the past year, then three areas where he believes he could do better.
+++The deputy said, “That’s easy,” then rattled off his role in three successful projects.
+++“OK,” said the supervisor, “but I also need to know three areas where you think you could stand to see some improvement.”
+++“That’s easy, too,” said the deputy. “My eyesight, my hearing and my sense of humor.”
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