Today in Labor History: November 10; Cool Labor Site

Today in Labor History: November 10
Sit-down strike begins at Austin, Minn., Hormel plant with the help of a Wobbly organizer, 2014.11.10—history-hormel-strikersleading to the creation of the Independent Union of All Workers. Labor historians believe this may have been the first sit-down strike of the 1930s.  Workers held the plant for three days, demanding a wage increase. Some 400 men crashed through the plant entrance and chased out nonunion workers. One group rushed through the doors of a conference room where Jay Hormel and five company executives were meeting and declared: “We’re taking possession.  So move out.”  Within four days the company agreed to binding arbitration – 1933
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2014.11.10—website-lbr.prjct.wkg.familiesCool Labor Site: Labor Project for Working Families
Founded in 1992, the Labor Project for Working Families is a national non-profit organization that builds alliances between unions, advocacy, and community groups to advance and implement family-friendly workplace policies such as family leave, paid sick days and worker-controlled flexibility.