Today in Labor History: November 11

Today in Labor History: November 11
Haymarket martyrs hanged, convicted in the bombing deaths of eight police during a Chicago labor rally – 18872014.11.10—history-landmarks.bookcover
(Inventory of American Labor Landmarks: You’ll want to visit the Haymarket Memorial in Chicago, one of several labor tributes in the state of Illinois.  Find out where these and many others are across the U.S. when you buy this inexpensive booklet. The Labor Heritage Foundation has a comprehensive, ongoing inventory of labor landmarks across the country.)

A confrontation between American Legionnaires and Wobblies during an Armistice Day Parade in Centralia, Wash., results in six deaths. One Wobbly reportedly was beaten, his teeth bashed in with a rifle butt, castrated and hanged: local officials listed his death as a suicide – 1919

A total of 57 crewmen on three freighters die over a 3-day period when their ships sink during a huge storm over Lake Michigan – 1940
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