Today in Labor History: December 10; Member Tip

Today in Labor History: December 10
First sit-down strike in U.S. called by IWW at General Electric in Schenectady, N.Y. – 1906
2014.12.08— Contract, No Peace: A Legal Guide to Contract Campaigns, Strikes, and Lockouts is a must-have for any union or activist considering aggressive action to combat management’s growing economic war against workers. No Contract, No Peace! updates information contained in the first edition, entitled Strikes, Picketing and Inside Campaigns, to include reference to recent union activities and NLRB decisions that have affected the labor relations environment. Schwartz’s familiarity with labor and employment law combines with his activist spirit to provide innovative yet practical tips for mounting and maintaining meaningful campaigns designed to build union and workers’ power.)
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Member Tip: Union Constitution and Bylaws
Your union has a constitution and bylaws. These may exist for your local union, your 2014.12.08—membertip-scrollinternational union or for another intermediate level. Generally, these documents outline the structure of the union, and say how the union is governed. They will, for example identify the various officers of the union and their authority as well as lay out different election or appointment mechanisms. Procedures dealing with how union meetings are called and how the meetings are conducted will be detailed, as well as what member voting rights are in place for union business such as ratifying a collective bargaining agreement.
—Adapted from The Union Member’s Complete Guide, by Michael Mauer