Today in Labor History: Weekend Edition

Today in Labor History: Weekend Edition
December 26—Knights of Labor founded. Constitution bars from membership “parasites,” including stockbrokers and lawyers – 1869
December 27—President Roosevelt seizes the railroads to avert a nationwide strike. His decision to temporarily place the railroads under the “supervision” of the War Department prompts the five railroad brotherhoods to agree to his offer to arbitrate the wage dispute – 1943
December 28—Auto workers begin sit-down strike for union recognition at GM’s Fisher Body plant in Cleveland – 1936
(Negotiating for the Union: An Inside View of Strategies and Tactics: This three part video 2014.12.22—history-insideviewseries, produced in-house with union volunteers and labor educators, is a tool for teaching about negotiations and grievances. The DVD is sold with a discussion guide for each segment: An Inside View of Collective Bargaining; Bargaining and Caucus Techniques, and Resolving a Suspension Grievance.)

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2014.12.22—video-happy.holidaysLabor Video: Happy Holidays
The Seattle Singers for Economic Justice take over a local Walmart and give Christmas shoppers an entertaining—and educational—earful in this 2010 demo. Click here to watch the video.