Today in Labor History: Weekend Edition; Labor Video

Today in Labor History: Weekend Edition2015.02.02—
February 6—It took 1,231 firefighters 30 hours to put down The Great Baltimore Fire, which started on this day and destroyed 1,500 buildings over an area of some 140 acres – 1904
February 7—Thirteen workers are killed, 42 injured in a dust explosion at an Imperial Sugar refinery in Port Wentworth, Georgia.  Investigators found that the company had been aware of dangers for years but had not acted on them – 2008
February 8—Vigilantes beat IWW organizers for exercising free-speech rights, San Diego – 1912
(Rebel Voices: An IWW Anthology: Originally published in 1964 and long out of print, Rebel Voices remains by far the 2015.02.02—history-rebel.voicesbiggest and best source on IWW history, fiction, songs, art, and lore. This edition includes 40 pages of additional material from the 1998 Charles H. Kerr edition by Fred Thompson and Franklin Rosemont, and a new preface by Wobbly organizer Daniel Gross.)
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Labor Video: Breaker Boys2015.02.02—video-shorty.slick2
Excerpted from the movie America and Lewis Hine, this clip includes the fascinating first-person account of Anthony “Shorty” Slick, a breaker boy in the mines. As a child he spent his days perched precariously over a dangerously fast-moving conveyor belt, tugging pieces of slate from a stream of coal. Click here to watch the video.