Today in Labor History: February 23; Cool Labor Site

Today in Labor History: February 23
Woody Guthrie wrote “This Land Is Your Land” following a frigid trip—partially by hitchhiking, partially by rail—from California to Manhattan. The Great Depression was still raging. Guthrie had heard Kate Smith’s recording of “God Bless America” and resolved to himself: “We can’t just bless America, we’ve got to change it” – 19402015.02.23—history-guthrie
(Woody Guthrie: A Life: Folksinger and political activist Woody Guthrie contributed much to the American labor movement, not the least of which are his classic anthems “Union Maid” and “This Land Is Your Land.” This is an easy-to-read, honest description of Guthrie’s life, from a childhood of poverty to an adulthood of music and organizing—and a life cut short by incurable disease. Guthrie’s life and work inspired millions while he lived and continues to do so through musicians such as his son Arlo, Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Billy Bragg and Bruce Springsteen, to name just a few. Guthrie is portrayed as he was—an imperfect being but one with a gift that helped millions as they struggled toward better lives.)
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2015.02.23—website-bizvizzCool Labor Site: BizVizz
BizVizz is a smartphone application you can use while shopping, to see if the product you’re thinking of buying will put profits into the hands of tax-dodging, GOP-supporting, government-subsidized businesses. You can type in a company name or just take a picture of the product. Very cool. The AFL-CIO recommends BizVizz.