Today in Labor History: March 2; Cool Labor Site

Today in Labor History: March 2
Postal workers granted 8-hour day – 1913
(From the Folks Who Brought You The Weekend: This is a sweeping, highly readable 2015.03.02—history-weekendhistory of U.S. labor that will be welcomed by anyone interested in learning more about the struggle of American working people to better their lives through collective action. This excellent narrative surveys the historic efforts and sacrifices that working people made to win the rights we take for granted today, from minimum wage and overtime protections to health and safety guarantees to even the weekend itself.)
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2015.03.02—website-epi2Cool Labor Site: EPI’s Family Budget Calculator
EPI’s Family Budget Calculator compiles the costs of essentials such as housing, food, child care, transportation and health care in different regions of the country to provide an estimate of how much families need to get by.