Today in Labor History: Weekend Edition; Labor Video

Today in Labor History: Weekend Edition2015.03.09—history-casey.jones
March 13—A four-month UAW strike at General Motors ends with a new contract. The strikers were trying to make up for the lack of wage hikes during World War II – 1946
March 14—Fabled railroad engineer John Luther “Casey” Jones born in southeast Missouri. A member of the Railroad Engineers, he was the sole fatality in a wreck near Vaughan, Miss., on April 29, 1900. His skill and heroics prevented many more deaths – 1863
March 15—Supreme Court approves 8-Hour Act under threat of a national railway strike – 1917
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2015.03.09—video-uawLabor Video: UAW Sitdown Strike
Archival footage of the great UAW sitdown strike that forced General Motors to recognize the union in 1937. Click here to watch the video.