Today in Labor History: Weekend Edition

Today in Labor History: Weekend Edition2015.03.16—history-rb-grover
March 20—Fifty-eight workers are killed, 150 injured when a boiler explosion levels the R.B. Grover  shoe factory in Brockton, Mass.  The four-story wooden building collapsed and the ruins burst into flames, incinerating workers trapped in the wreckage – 1905
March 21—American Labor Union founded – 1853
March 22—Mark Twain, a lifelong member of the Int’l Typographical Union (now part of CWA), speaks in Hartford, Conn., extolling the Knights of Labor’s commitment to fair treatment of all workers, regardless of race or gender – 1886
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2015.03.16—video-tppLabor Video: Have We Got a (Lousy) Deal for You!
Robert Reich, Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton, takes an entertaining but scary look at a proposed trade deal that bankers and big business love, but working people have every reason to fear—the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Click here to watch the video.