Today in Labor History: Weekend Edition; Labor Video

Today in Labor History: Weekend Edition
April 17—An explosion at a West Texas fertilizer plant kills 15 people and injures nearly 300 when 30 tons of highly explosive ammonium nitrate—stored in sheds without sprinkler systems—caught fire.  Of those killed, ten were emergency responders – 20132015.04.13-history-powell-jr2
April 18—After a four-week boycott led by Rev. Adam Clayton Powell Jr., bus companies in New York City agree to hire 200 black drivers and mechanics – 1941
April 19—In Grand Rapids, Michigan, the nation’s “Furniture City,” more than 6,000 immigrant workers—Germans, Dutch, Lithuanians and Poles—put down their tools and struck 59 factories for four months in what was to become known as the Great Furniture Strike – 1919
2015.04.13-history-immigrant(The New Urban Immigrant Workforce: Organizing Innovations: This ground-breaking look at immigrant labor organizing and mobilization today draws on participant observation, ethnographic interviews, historical documents, and new case studies. The writers provide real evidence of immigrants’ eagerness for collective action and organizing, and they argue that this desire to organize stems from the immigrants’ social isolation.)
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Labor Video: Right to Prosper 2015.04.13-video-rtw
Tell extremists pushing so-called right to work to stop lowering our nation’s expectations. The poor in the developing world have work. America is about more—it’s about the right and freedom to prosper. Click here to watch the video.