Today in Labor History: April 29; Member Tip

Today in Labor History: April 292015.04.27-history-bunker.hill
An estimated one thousand silver miners, angry over low wages, the firing of union members and the planting of spies in their ranks by mineowners, seize a train, load it with 3,000 pounds of dynamite, and blow up the mill at the Bunker Hill mine in Wardner, Idaho – 1899
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Member Tip: Government Laws and Regulations
Many laws apply specifically to workplaces. These may be passed at the federal, state or local level, and some of them result in rather lengthy, detailed regulations.  Some—such as wage and hour laws, health and safety statutes, and laws against discrimination—apply to both unionized and non-unionized workplaces. Others come into play only in workplaces where the employees are organizing into a union or already have unionized.
—Adapted from The Union Member’s Complete Guide, by Michael Mauer