Today in Labor History: June 15; Cool Labor Site

Today in Labor History: June
Battle of Century City, as police in Los Angeles attack some 500 janitors and their supporters during a peaceful Service Employees Int’l Union demonstration against cleaning contractor ISS. The event generated public outrage that resulted in recognition of the workers’ union and spurred the creation of an annual June 15 Justice for Janitors Day – 1990
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Cool Labor Site: Sparrows Point Steelworkers
Over the span of a century, steelworkers at Sparrows Point in Baltimore County Md. 2015.06.15-website-sparrows.pointerected their own mighty civilization, spreading from the workplace into the families and communities around the huge mill, which at its peak employed 30,000.  This project tells the story of these steelworkers in a unique way: through oral history interviews, photographs and music.