Today in Labor History: June 24; Member Tip

Today in Labor History: June 242015.06.22-history-agnes.nestor
Birth of Agnes Nestor, president of the Int’l Glove Workers Union and longtime leader of the Chicago Women’s Trade Union League. She began work in a glove factory at age 14 – 1880
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Member Tip: Your Role in the Grievance Process
What is your role in processing a grievance through the steps?  First, of course, it is your job initially to approach you union representative and report the problem as you see it. 2015.06.22-membertip-grievancesYou will need to set forth the facts as accurately as you can and to make sure that your representative understands not only what has happened, but why it is a matter of concern to you and, perhaps, your co-workers as well. As the grievance case goes on, your steward or union grievance committee may well need additional information to evaluate or to process the grievance. Since you have a stake in the outcome, you should be prepared to assist them in obtaining any needed information. Building a winning grievance case usually is a team effort.
—Adapted from The Union Member’s Complete Guide, by Michael Mauer