Today in Labor History: Weekend Edition; Labor Video

Today in Labor History: Weekend Edition2015.07.13-history-port.chicago
July 17—Two ammunition ships explode at Port Chicago, Calif., killing 322, including 202 African-Americans assigned by the Navy to handle explosives. It was the worst home-front disaster of World War II. The resulting refusal of 258 African-Americans to return to the dangerous work underpinned the trial and conviction of 50 of the men in what is called the Port Chicago Mutiny – 1944
July 18—Hospital workers win 113-day union recognition strike in Charleston, S.C. – 1969
July 19—Women’s Rights Convention opens in Seneca Falls, N.Y.  Delegates adopt a Declaration of Women’s Rights and call for women’s suffrage – 1848
2015.07.13-history-pub.speaking(Public Speaking in Easy Steps: The women who spoke at the Women’s Rights Convention knew how to inspire an audience!  How about you?  For most of us, the thought of public speaking sends pulses racing and stomachs lurching.  Public Speaking In Easy Steps guides you through the process, from planning, practice and props through relaxation techniques and tried and tested tips on the day itself. Try it—you might like it!)
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Labor Video: A Fading Art2015.07.13-video-signs1
The trailer for a sweet film about a wonderful, fading craft: signpainting.  Some of the independent characters who practice the art are unforgettable; in a more appreciative society, many of them would see their work hanging in art galleries. Click here to watch the trailer.