Today in Labor History: July 30; Labor Humor

Today in Labor History: July 302015.07.27-history-hoffa
Former Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa disappears. Declared legally dead in 1982, his body has never been found – 1975
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Labor Humor: Slaphappy
A male supervisor, a male union steward and two female workers found themselves sitting at the same table in a bar after work one evening. Suddenly there was a power failure and the room went pitch-black. The silence was broken by the sound of a kiss, then a loud slap.
+++When the lights went back on a few seconds later, the supervisor was sitting with a big red handprint across his cheek.
+++The first woman thought, “Good, she slapped him.” The second woman also thought, “Good, she slapped him.”
+++The supervisor thought, “Damn steward. He kisses one of the women and I get slapped.”
+++The steward, laughing to himself, thought, “How about that. I kiss the back of my hand, slap the supervisor and get away with it!”
—From Workplace Jokes: Only SOME of Them Will Get You Fired!