Today in Labor History: August 5; Member Tip

Today in Labor History: August 52015.08.03-history-smokejumpers
Thirteen firefighters, including 12 smokejumpers who parachuted in to help their coworkers, die while battling a forest fire at Gates of the Mountain, Montana – 1949
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Member Tip: The Rights of Veterans and Reservists
Veterans and reservists who served on active duty for at least 180 days and who did not receive a dishonorable discharge, or were released or discharged from active duty because of a service-connected disability, are covered by federal laws providing for job counseling, training, and placement services, as well as re-employment by their pre-service employer. In some cases, the law entitles them to preferential treatment in getting a job. Employees of government contractors who have a service-connected disability have legal protections against certain types of employment discrimination. The Department of Labor investigates claims under these laws and has the authority to take appropriate enforcement action.
—Adapted from The Union Member’s Complete Guide, by Michael Mauer