Today in Labor History: Weekend Edition; Labor Video

Today in Labor History: Weekend Edition
August 21—Slave revolt led by Nat Turner begins in Southampton County, Va. – 1831
August 22—Five flight attendants form the Air Line Stewardesses Association, the first 2015.08.17-history-flight.attendantslabor union representing flight attendants. They were reacting to an industry in which women were forced to retire at the age of 32, remain single, and adhere to strict weight, height and appearance requirements. The association later became the Association of Flight Attendants, now a division of the Communications Workers of America – 1945
August 23—Farm Workers Organizing Committee (to later become United Farm Workers of America) granted a charter by the AFL-CIO – 1966
2015.08.17-history-farmworkers.friend(Farmworker’s Friend: The story of Cesar Chavez is a thoughtful and moving book about the inspiring life of American hero Cesar Chavez, founder and long-time leader of the United Farm Workers of America. This sympathetic portrayal of Chavez and his life’s work begins with his childhood, starting from the time his family’s store in Arizona failed during the Great Depression and his entire family was forced into the fields to harvest vegetables for a few cents an hour. It traces his growth as a man and as a leader, talking of his pacifism, his courage in the face of great threats and greater odds, his leadership and his view that the union was more than just a union, it was a community—una causa.)
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Labor Video: It’s Never too Soon2015.08.17-video-graphic
Unionism: It’s child’s play. Click here to watch the video.