Today in Labor History: September 3; Labor Humor

Today in Labor History: September 32015.08.31-history-cotton.harvesters
African-American cotton pickers organize and strike in Lee County, Texas, against miserably low wages and other injustices, including a growers’ arrangement with local law enforcement to round up blacks on vagrancy charges, then force them to work off their fines on select plantations.  Over the course of September a white mob put down the strike, killing 15 strikers in the process – 1891

Labor Humor: Careful What You Wish For
Labor and management negotiators are working very late one night, struggling with a new 2015.08.31-humor-geniecontract. Suddenly, a genie appears before them and offers each one wish.
+++Management’s union-busting consultant shyly admits, “I’ve always dreamed of writing the great American novel and having my work studied in schools across the land. I’d like to go to a tropical island where I can concentrate and write my masterpiece.”
+++The genie says, “No problem!” and poof! The union-buster vanishes.
+++The company’s HR director says, “Well, I’ve always wanted to create a painting so beautiful that it would hang in the Louvre Museum in Paris for all the world to admire. I want to go to the French countryside to work on my painting.”
+++The genie says, “Your wish is granted!” and poof! The HR director vanishes.
+++The genie then turns to the union negotiator and says, “And what is your wish?”
+++The union negotiator says, “Those last two wishes took care of it, thanks.”
—From Workplace Jokes: Only SOME of Them Will Get You Fired!