Today in Labor History: September 21; Cool Labor Site

Today in Labor History: September 21
Mother Jones leads a march of miners’ children through the streets of Charleston, W. Va. – 1912
(Mother Jones Speaks: Speeches and Writings: You can read here the actual speech Jones made on this day in 1912 to striking coal miners in Charleston, WV:  “…this crime, starvation and murder of the innocents, so they can fill the operators’ pockets, and build dog kennels for the workers.  Is it right?” Admirers of Mother Jones will want this comprehensive collection of her speeches, letters, articles, interviews and testimony before Congressional committees. In her own words, this brave and determined heroine, active from the end of the Civil War until shortly before her death in 1930, explains her life, her mission, her passion on behalf of working people.)

Cool Labor Site: Mythopedia
Launched by Media Matters for America, Mythopedia provides fact-based rebuttals to the anti-union rhetoric frequently spewed by right-wingers. Check out the site to arm yourself for the next time a neighbor, relative, or misinformed friend tries to tell you that $70/hour autoworkers destroyed Detroit. Unions