Today in Labor History: September 30; Member Tip

Today in Labor History: September 30
Cesar Chavez, with Dolores Huerta, co-founds the National Farm Workers Association, which later was to become the United Farm Workers of America – 1962
(Farmworker’s Friend: The story of Cesar Chavez: A thoughtful and moving book about the inspiring life of American hero Cesar Chavez, co-founder, along with Dolores Huerta, and long-time leader of the United Farm Workers of America. This sympathetic portrayal of Chavez and his life’s work begins with his childhood, starting from the time his family’s store in Arizona failed during the Great Depression and his entire family was forced into the fields to harvest vegetables for a few cents an hour.)

Member Tip: Subjects of Bargaining
Depending on the law covering your type of workplace, subjects of bargaining may be:
• “Mandatory,” meaning that the parties must bargain over them if either side wants to. Covered topics are those dealing with “wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment,” including health plans, pensions, leave policies and so on.
• “Permissive” or “voluntary,” meaning that either side has the right to decide not to bargain over that subject. Examples might be a proposal to change which employees are covered by the collective bargaining agreement.
• “Non-negotiable” or illegal, meaning that the collective bargaining agreement cannot address that topic at all. The parties to a contract, for example, couldn’t legally bargain over whether or not only union members can be hired.
—Adapted from The Union Member’s Complete Guide, by Michael Mauer